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Bridal Blog; Making My Own Dress

Bridal Blog; Making My Own Dress



Occasionally, I ask myself why I’m doing this? And sometimes other feel the need to ask as well. WHY? WHY AM I TORTURING MYSELF?

To be honest, it started as a sarcastic joke, ‘yeah I went to school for fashion, I’m obviously making my own dress,‘ but it goes a little deeper than that. I am over six feet tall and naturally slender. I went to try on bridal gowns in May and from there the adventure started. I went to try on dresses because I had NO IDEA what I wanted, what I thought I wanted, what looked good, what’s on trend…NOTHING. I even thought for a while, ‘maybe I’ll just wear a white jumpsuit.’ So I went to a bridal boutique and that’s where I fell in love.

I fell head over heels for a dress. I didn’t think it was possible. It was the first and the last one I tried on that evening. But, as the saying goes, some things are too good to be true (or to be yours). I didn’t notice at the time, because I was so enamored by it’s perfect silhouette and beading, that the dress was too short….by about 3 inches in the front. I stood there with my purple banana socks on, staring in the mirror at what was supposed to be MY dress.


My bridal stylist kept it real with me. She told me:

  1. You’re not going to be able to shop this dress online, it’s an in-store exclusive

  2. We’re not sure if we can get it lengthened for your height

Dreams? Slightly crushed.

Imagination? Running wild.

So, to the sketchbook I went. THANK GOD for bridesmaids and iPhone photos. Thank to my MOH I was able to sketch a rough draft of the same silhouette and lace pattern from that dress. I’d like to add, I tried on several dresses after that one and my heart just could not detach from my perfect dress.

Within a week I had my sewing basket, machine, and pattern-making binder from college out and working. I had picked up muslin (a draft fabric) and I didn’t look back. Within the first month I built my first WEDDING DRESS SHELL (aka the shape and drape of the fabric). And I even bought all the lace I want to use, which is in the pattern of a Queen Anne’s Lace flower patch. It’s going to be more than amazing.

It’s not perfect. I still need to re-work the pattern and make another draft before the final dress but y’all I started shopping for fabric today and I almost cried. It’s becoming too real!!

I’m not your typical bride (LOL says every bride ever), I want to make most everything for our day. I want to grow my own florals and greens. I want to make my bridesmaids’ floral hoops. We plan on building and decorating everything ourselves.

The more I think about my dress, the more I’m so grateful I know how to do this and have my mom and MOH to support and help me along the way. I’m so excited to see it come together. I’m so excited that I won’t need to wait months before I can see it again. I’m grateful I am able to find and purchase details. I’m grateful I have the time! I can’t help but be obsessed with the process, because it’s going to be one of a kind. Nobody else is ever going to share the same dress as me!

Have you ever sewn or made anything from scratch? Did you have any DIY wedding plans? Leave a comment, I am all ears!


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