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A More Sustainable Closet

A More Sustainable Closet

 Back in college I found myself taking up a full closet with shirts, dresses, jackets- you name it, I had it. After I left college I had an internship where I was working in New York City and I roomed with about four other women. I had one clothing rack, which I made into like two racks with an extra hardware pice. The bottom half hung my pants and the top half hung dresses and shirts. I had a conversation with one of the women that I live with and she made a comment that I had the most clothes. I took a step back and really examined what she had said and when I went back down to my room I couldn’t help but admit that she was correct I had so much so much clothing.  It was then that I decided I needed to make a change, I needed to sell or donate or repurpose 3/4 of my closet. Within about a two week. I had done that and while still working in New York there was a coworker who’s style I admired so much. She always seem to be dressed in neutrals and just seemed to be very clean-cut and professional, but also fun. I told myself that this is how I want to dress, their style was something I had never seen before. I could never describe how I wanted to dress because I have never seen it until that moment. 

That summer I had also visited a good friend and went shopping with her, we stopped at a few stores that were not normally in my price range.  Although I had studied fashion and learned about fast fashion in school it was an about it wasn’t until then that it really registered what I had been supporting all throughout my college career. I start to notice how much more clothing cost when it was made ethically.

For about two years now I’ve been working towards a more sustainable closet so now I’m sharing some of my tips with you!

Steps I took to acheive a more sustainable closet

  • STOP supporting fast-fashion brands! Places like Forever21 and H&M are not only killing our environment, think about the people that get paid to make that shirt you only paid $5 for.

  • SHOP local! I’ve found a few boutiques across my home state of PA that are dedicated to upcycling and supporting smaller brands. Not only are you supporting your local economy, you’re helping a small business owner & making a smarter choice overall.

  • SHOP second-hand! This is one of my favorite things to do! I love thrifting or shopping on Ebay or Etsy for older items. Shopping second-hand is a great way to save money & the Earth. Think about how much water, energy, and labor goes into making new clothes. Shopping second-hand helps reduce waste and you’ll probably find one-of-a-kind pieces while you’re at it.

  • RENT! I’ve started using Rent the Runway for more events and I can’t believe slept on this so long. RTR has an unbelievable amount of options for any occasion and you don’t have to make room in your closet for a dress you’ll never wear again. The company talks about how they’re a more sustainable option in terms of energy, water, and waste.

  • GIVE BACK! Donate or sell your clothes you don’t seem to be wearing to make room in your closet. Companies like Madewell will give you $$ for your old jeans (any brand) and you’re providing insulation for future homes.

  • UPCYCLE! Mix, match, and patch old clothes or second-hand items into your own creation!

Share how you’re converting your closet below in the comments or on our social media @beautshroomofficial


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