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Gardening Tip #4 -Why are my Root Veggies Flowering

Gardening Tip #4 -Why are my Root Veggies Flowering

Some flowers are good and some are less favorable when it comes to growing vegetables. If you’re like me, and you like to grow root vegetables like carrots, beets, and radishes, you’re not expecting to see flowers. Flowers are common and great for plants such as squash, pumpkin, peas, tomatoes, and peppers. Those flowers mean fruit!

But if your fruit is a root and your plant starts to flower, simply put: THEY ARE DONE SISTER!!!


This week I noticed my radish leaves were getting big and fluffy, then I harvested one to see how large they were on average. Later in the day I noticed 7/11 radish plants had flowers on top.

What do those flowers mean??

The energy is now being put into making seeds, not growing your veggie anymore. The plants should be removed from the ground and they are ready to be enjoyed! 


I am so excited about my first harvest! Comment down below what yours will be!! 





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