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Plant Lady: My First Summer Gardening

Plant Lady: My First Summer Gardening

I've always had a love for plants, especially, the plans I was incapable of killing. This year I decided to grow my first-ever garden, from seed.  In the past, I've transplanted flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more. I had never grown anything from seed solely because I've never had an enclosed space where the dogs were not able to reach what was growing. Not too mention keeping out rabbits and other garden-snackers. 

In my garden this year I have grown:

  • beets

  • chard

  • blue curly kale

  • jalapeño peppers

  • rainbow carrots

  • carolina reaper peppers

  • habañero peppers

  • tabasco peppers

  • long red slim peppers

  • purple basil

  • curry

  • raspberry vinaigrette leaves

  • lemon balm

  • tomatillos

  • white eggplant

  • black beauty eggplant

  • radishes

I wanted to share what I've done with what I've harvested from the garden, so far. 

IMG_2202 2.JPG

Related very closely to the beet, chard is a super yummy leafy green. It grows with beautifully colored stems, tastes very similar to beets & it very easy to grow if you're wondering. This season I chose to keep it simple and make salads with my chard. Both chard and beet leaves can be sauteed, like spinach, or blended into your green drink. I prefer a nice summer salad with goat cheese, fruit and nuts.

Unfortunately, my beets harvesting well, but I was not able to make anything in time.I plan on growing more in Autumn. I wanted to share my favorite beet recipe. Beware though, it needs about two days of prep if starting from scratch!

It's a beet burger made with vegan, cashew cheese. Find it here!

Truth be told, I grew the kale for its looks. Once we harvested the kale, I had this grand idea of making kale chips. After about two minutes looking up how-to's on Pinterest, I decided to switch gears. We have a dehydrator here at home, so instead of making chips I knew I would never eat, I decided to dry the kale and make it into a powder to be added to smoothies! It's stored in a mason jar to prevent moisture from entering. 


This was the most exciting vegetable to grow for me personally, I love the look of rainbow carrots and had grown carrots when I was younger. We didn't cook our carrots because our dogs love them as snacks! Carrots are good for doggy teeth and stinky breath.  One of my favorite carrots recipes is this tasty bbq sandwich.

Hot Peppers:
Scott, my fiancée, loves to dry our peppers for then making dry rubs and such for chicken and vegetables. I would love to make a salsa, but I'm slightly scared of hot spicy these peppers are. 

Okay, these are definitely getting made into salsa! (They're still growing outside) 

IMG_9728 2.JPG

As for the herbs that are growing we dry about half of what we harvest, the rest we use fresh. Our lemon balm will be made into tea. I recently learned lemon balm has a calming effect. The basil we try to save for our favorite homemade pizza recipe

My white eggplant plant just flowered again, the black beauty eggplants are slowly, but surely coming up. So I'm hoping for at least one more of each color to make ratatouille or perhaps just throwing them on the grill. 

Lastly, I'll be planting some more this autumn. I'm so excited and grateful to be able to grow a garden where I harvest. I'll be sharing some photos on my social feed I'm sure. And most of the recipes I know are on Pinterest, so you'll be able to find them collected on my profile. 

Stay Colorful,


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