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Firecracker baby

USA; the Original Firecracker Baby



 Annually I’m told how close I was to being a Firecracker Baby, my birthday is the first of July.  This year the theme is Red, White, and Blue-tiful. 

I took a look through history and based my look off my favorite era, the 1960’s.  I love to recreate Twiggy’s iconic dark crease and doe-like eyes.  I’ve switched her neutral shadows and black liner for something a bit bolder and patriotic.  I kept my lips simple with a clear gloss, but you can make a statement with a bright, red lip.  Or be daring and try a bold, blue lipstick.

FullSizeRender 19 (1).jpg

After priming my lids, I set the primer with ‘Chilly Willy,’ from the Unum Collection.  Using a brush-tip liquid liner I began by tracing the natural contours of the eye but creating a new ‘crease’ on my lid.   Then with a small, flat brush, I began layering ‘Private School,’ a deep blue with shimmer reflects, using a slightly damp brush for intensified pigment. Continuously layering and blending until achieving the desired effect. I picked up ‘Chilly Willy’ to blend ‘Private School’ seamlessly towards the brow.  Using cream concealer to perfect the lines, cleaning up around the edges for a crisp look.  I chose to add an eye-catching wing with a bright red, I love the vibrancy of this red liner, I was so excited I freehanded a small star on my cheek.  

FullSizeRender 33.jpg

I added white eyeliner to my waterline, this brightens and opens the eyes. For contrast, I shaded the lower lid with ‘Punch Drunk’ from the Unum Collection.  I began placing the shadow at the outer corner blending both directions, into the wing and towards the inner corner.  I used ‘Punch Drunk’ to shade and add dimension to my small star.

I chose to add false lashes that imitated Twiggy’s doe-like eyes.  Layering a bright, blue mascara, to not only add to the theme but in an attempt to recreate Twiggy’s lashes.  

Let your imagination wander and embellish the look with your own personal touches.  The most important thing to remember this holiday is to be safe, have fun, and enjoy being with those you love!



Stay Colorful,

Samm 🌈

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