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How to be a Bronzed Babe Without the Sun

How to be a Bronzed Babe Without the Sun

🌞 Hello, Sunshine! 🌞

Although it seems like the sky has been set to "Gloomy" for the past week or two, I still believe Summer will be here in no time.  Personally, I have a naturally fair skin tone, but I absolutely love the look of a tan. And if you're like me and petrified to get fried out in the sun this year here's what you'll need to be a bronzed and glowing babe this and next summer!

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Start with a base tan (from a tube of course!!). Since 7th grade, I've been aware that my skin is so pale it's almost blinding in sunlight, so I've invested a lot of time (ahem, 10 years) finding my perfect self-tanner.

@TarteCosmetics offers an amazing line of tanning products. I have two favorites.  Their newest addition is Brazilliance PLUS+, which takes a few hours to develop and provides an olive toned tan. The smell is amazing & the formula is quick drying, not to mention it comes with a cute & fuzzy mitt. Tarte also offers an instant bronzer/self-tanner, Maracuja Rainforest Glow.  This bronzer has a warm tone and even quicker at drying.  It's matte, moisturizing, waterproof, and did I mention instant??  All of Tarte's products are cruelty-free & made with natural ingredients!  

PS, They're vegan friendly 🐰💘

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

So now our body is bronzed but what about the face?

Photo Credit: @nyxcosmetics 'Gleam' Liquid Illuminator

Apply foundation and concealer as you would normally, be sure to match your foundation to your new found tan. I start with a liquid illuminator, it has a more natural finish and I prefer a liquid formula in the summer. Liquid Illuminators are a great base for powder highlights if you're looking for a brighter glow. My favorite is currently @nyxcosmetics Born To Glow in 'Gleam' Liquid Illuminator, NYX offers a range of colors to choose from and is quite inexpensive, so you can try them all!

If you haven't tried one of @AnastasiaBeverlyHills Glow Kits yet, I don't know what you're waiting for! ABH carries beautiful highlighters in practically every color, including baby pink and sage green. But the more natural colors are a staple in my kit. In the photos at the top & bottom of the page, after applying a matter bronzer to the face, I applied their highlights 'Bronzed' & 'Golden Bronze.'  These shades are darker and I would never be able to use them as an actual highlight because of my skin tone but are multi-purposed and I used them to add color and a dewy shine to the face. 

Photo Credit: @TooFaced Medium to Deep Matte Bronzer

Try a matte bronzer, rather than a shimmery powder, to add color to the face. Matte bronzers are great because they can be repurposed as a contour shade or eyeshadow. I've been using @TooFaced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, which comes in varying shades for different skin tones. Try shimmer bronzers on the chest, collarbones, and shoulders for added radiance to your summer tan.

All the products mentioned above can be repurposed to any portion of the body or face. Experiment with highlighters on the eyes, in the inner corners, and under the brow bone.  I was curious and added highlighter to the lips before adding a NYX butter gloss and loved the result.  Some products used in the look were not mentioned here, go ahead and check out my Instagram page for information & inspiration @SammanthaaLouise 🐰💘

It's important to get a daily dose of vitamin D, so go outside, but remember that the sun's harmful rays can still reach you on a cloudy day and through your car windows! SPF should be applied liberally 15-20 minutes before sun exposure  E V E R Y  D A Y. Protect & love the skin you're in!

Stay Colorful,

Samm 🌈

A huge thank you to my younger sister for being my model for the day.

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